We are committed to investing in the needs of our community. Through our VIP Buyer & Seller Program and our Go Serve Big Mission, we donate a portion of our income from real estate sales to very worthy causes.

The Child Cancer Fund in Jacksonville and the Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation are devoted to enriching the lives of children undergoing treatment for, and survivors of, cancer and blood-related diseases. Since many years CCF and CCRF are helping children battling life-threatening cancer.

“Our mission is to be an advocate for these special kids and to raise $ 25,000 annually to provide them and their families with the financial, educational, and emotional support needed as a result of the long hours of painful treatment, chemotherapy, illness and isolation.”

Phillip & Michael Turwitt
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Your Referrals Help the Kids

The Child Cancer Fund is a nonprofit established by a group of North East Florida parents whose children were receiving treatment for cancer.


Since 1994, the Child Cancer Fund (CCF) has walked side by side with local families in Northeast Florida and along the First Coast, helping them through the challenges of childhood cancer. The main focus is the emotional, practical, educational and financial support for families every step of the way.

A diagnosis of childhood cancer often means financial hardship for families. Often a parent must leave employment for long periods to care for their sick child. Income drops as medical expenses escalate. CCF helps families with expenses for housing, utility bills, food, and other household expenses that health insurance does not cover.

Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation improves the mental, social and emotional well-being of children with cancer and their families. The Foundation delivers gifts to thousands of children each year. 

Because families of children with cancer often face financial difficulties and frequently household bills become overwhelming, the Foundations Helping Hands Fund also provides emergency bridge payments directly to utility companies and landlords, ensuring that each child has a warm, safe place to call home while recovering from cancer.


Providing life-changing care and support so children in all ages don’t have to face cancer alone.

So for every referral we handle this year we are donating a portion of our income to the Child Cancer Fund and the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation.

They lead the way in helping kids in our local community survive nasty debilitating and life threatening cancer diseases like Lymphoma, Leukemia, Cell Tumors, Thyroid Cancer , Bone Cancer, Brain Tumors, Sarcoma and many more cancerous diseases.


Who do you know considering buying or selling a home you could refer to our real estate team? Not only will they benefit from our award winning service, but we donate a substantial portion of our income on every referral to the Child Cancer Fund and the Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation in North East Florida. You can rest assured that your referral is supporting a very worthy cause.

“It’s easy to refer your referral. Simply call or
text either of us, or fill out the form below.”

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