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How to Know When You Have Outgrown Your Home?

You love your home! Perhaps you bought it with the intention of raising your kids there or maybe you have found that your household now includes aging parents or a new child is on its way. Maybe a small house works well for a newly married couple, but then baby #2 comes along. Sure, the current home “kind of” works for a while, but you know what mom is going to say to dad? “Honey, we need a bigger place!” Now if baby #2 or 3 is born a year or two later, it’s almost without a doubt that the couple will decide to move to a bigger place. Having kids and/or deciding that elderly parents should “move in” automatically increases the need for more bedrooms and bathrooms.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to have people over but there’s nowhere for them to sit, stand, chat or eat, then you might need a larger home. If you have a whole lot of stuff to store but there’s not enough room in your current place, such that you’re paying to rent a storage locker down the road, then it’s time to “move on up” in the world of bigger homes.

Whatever the reason, you are now wondering if the home you love has become too small for your lifestyle, but how can you tell?

Realizing you’ve outgrown your home can mean different things to different people. To some, it could mean the need for an extra bedroom, or two. For others, the family room or living spaces seem too small for the family to gather and for meals, homework or holidays.

As you begin to evaluate if the time has come to move, consider these questions:

• Have we run out of spaces to use for storage or common family activities?

• Do family members need more private space for themselves?

• Does the yard or outdoor areas include room for the family to use for enjoyment?

Think about the different ways you accommodate your needs to your home and not the other way around. If you are not finding ways to fit yourself and your life into your existing home, you might be ready to find a larger one that will suit your needs and desires.

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