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Americans who are moving out of state tend to be heading south, according to a new analysis by LendingTree, a loan information source. Researchers analyzed more than 2 million new purchase mortgage loans to see where people are moving to and from.

Florida is the winning destination, according to the analysis. It was the top destination for movers who were relocating out of state in 15 out of the 50 states. Interestingly almost 22% of New Yorker's are looking to move out of state and Florida is their top destination.

According to a Bloomberg report, reason No. 1 why so many people consider leaving the North East are insanely high cost. Other reasons are retirement, health reasons and lifestyle changes. No wonder they’re worried. The cost of living across the North East region is among the highest in the nation, and three of the five most expensive states or districts in the country (New York, Washington D.C., Massachusetts) are in the area.

Florida, the great "Sunshine State," is undergoing a sea change, of sorts. It is shedding its reputation as a mecca for senior retirees and seeing an influx of young families. Plenty of millennial's and Generation X'ers are drawn to the state for the sunny climate, no state tax, affordable homes, and maybe even to live closer to their snowbird parents.

New residents point to the endless sun-drenched days, and note that when its 24-degrees and snowing sideways in New York City in March, it's likely 80-degrees under cloudless skies in Florida. Florida offers residents a relatively low cost of living and access to good jobs, low taxes, and a burgeoning public-school system that's drawing armies of young families to the state.

North East Florida is a prime location. Wonderful beaches, good infrastructure, excellent schools, many expanding companies are offering high paying jobs, and a very high quality of life with affordable housing makes the First Coast a perfect destination.

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