A recent article in Forbes Magazine showcased places where affluent residents are moving (based upon their tax returns). Amelia Island, Nassau County Florida, was ranked as the third most popular destination in the U.S.A.

There are many reasons that Amelia Island appeals to newcomers. Low crime, little traffic, no pollution, proximity to a major city, to outstanding hospitals including the world famous MAYO clinic, and to easily accessible airports. Other reasons are the beaches, marshes and rivers, a historic downtown, and wide open spaces on the west side of the county.  Low taxes and reasonably priced real estate are additional reasons. In the age of the internet and telecommuting, there are professionals who are no longer anchored to living where their corporate offices reside. Technology has opened the door to new lifestyle options, and some choose the island life Amelia Island has to offer.

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Many new residents have finally found the Florida of their dreams, an activity-rich yet laid-back destination they hadn’t believed existed. Enjoy cooling ocean breezes, three seasons, with a short spring and fall, when average temperatures dip for a short duration into the low 50's. Spring brings plentiful blue skies and breezy days with average high temperatures in the 70's. The long summer offers warmer daytime temperatures in the 90's with nice sea breezes for that much-needed beach day.

The island is about 13 miles long and 21/2 miles across at its widest, about the size of Manhattan with a lot fewer people. With a year-round population of less than 12,000 the island is never crowded and provides a small community experience. Everything is five minutes away and there’s a real simplicity, an ease of living on the island.


Nature, beauty, and xxxx are interconnected, and interrelate on this island.


A community with accommodating nature, kind character, tolerance, friendliness and southern charm.


Amelia Island is known for its plentiful sunshine and pleasant temperatures year-round. 


If you’re thinking of purchasing real estate on Amelia Island, your first task is deciding between a home or a condo. A single-family home is an attractive choice because you can enjoy the privacy of owning your own home. The downside is private homes have a higher price tag and you’re responsible for maintenance and upkeep.

Condos are a popular choice if you want the perks of living or vacationing on a beautiful island without the responsibility of owning a home. In addition, you’ll have access to amenities you might not find anywhere else. Condos can be more affordable upfront, but don’t forget to plan for monthly condo association fees.

Amelia Island offers a variety of housing options. You can find homes near golf courses, condominiums with beautiful ocean views, gated communities, and elegant villas. On this small island, no property is far from the beach. The question is: do you want the beach to be a short drive away or within walking distance of your front door?


Amelia Island is a stunning and beautiful stretch along Florida’s East Coast and a highly desirable location with so much to do. 


A great location for property investments. The region has been classified as one of the best places to invest in real estate in Florida.


Amelia Island has its own municipal airport serving general aviation and private jets. Jacksonville Intl. Airport is just 22 miles away.


Living on Amelia Island means being part of a diversified community made up of friendly and warmhearted individuals and families from all levels of society, coexisting in perfect harmony. This resort island offers special events, festivals, fine dining, and for most local residents the main attraction of living on Amelia Island is the beach, the water and the coastal lifestyle with small-town ambiance of historic Fernandina.

Amelia Island Is a great place to live for an active lifestyle. The island is home to seven state parks offering over 200 acres of unspoiled wilderness. Beautiful beaches, salt marshes, hiking trails and coastal forests offer a glimpse of the original Florida. It's is a swimmer’s dream with beautiful sunny weather along 13 miles of coastline. You can walk or run a new stretch of beach every day. Listed in the top 10 happening surf spots, Amelia Island has a few select beaches where the waves are great for surfing. The Island offers a variety of award-winning golf courses with beautiful views and amenities. Yoga, pilates, stand up paddle boarding, cycling, crossFit, and more – Amelia Island has every exercise class you could think of. You can also enjoy the scenery and the white sand beaches by horseback. If you enjoy fresh water fishing or open salt water ocean fishing, Amelia offers a wide variety of water sports options.


Amelia Island is very family-friendly. There are plenty of things to do for kids. Schools are highly rated and of top quality.


Amelia Island is a natural playground, offering an abundance of activities and adventures for all ages.


Prepare your senses for a culinary experience like no other. Whether you are looking for a signature farm-to-table experience, or dreaming of Southern-inspired coastal cuisine, you will find a welcome variety of restaurants on Amelia Island.




The population of Amelia Island is 12,000. The latest population count of Nassau County is 76,590. There has been an increase of 15% since 2005. Population density in Nassau County is about 116 people per square mile (Nassau is considered one of Florida’s more “rural” counties). There is still a lot of room and ideal for people in search for personal space and privacy. Interestingly, the Amelia Island area does attract other Floridians, who relocate (particularly from more southern regions of Florida), and head north to the Amelia Island area to escape more crowded areas of the Sunshine State.


44.2 Years

The median age in Nassau County is slightly higher compared with Florida average. However, the county and Amelia Island are not a traditional “snowbird” market to the extent of South Florida. While there are, of course, some who escape colder climates and spend milder winters on Amelia Island, snowbirds don’t descend in droves. While this northeastern Florida barrier island does attract some who “winter” here at resort lodging, condos and second homes, many of those looking to escape the freezing weather elsewhere head further south in Florida. For example, places like West Palm, Boca and the Naples area see an influx of snowbirds around November to April each year — “the season” in south Florida when the tourism and restaurants are the busiest. By contrast, the height of the tourism season on Amelia Island is during the summer months – June, July, August – for Amelia’s hottest beach weather. There are permanent residents on the island, mainly affluent and very successful people who retired and have relocated from the northeastern US.


$ 136,250.00

The average household income in Amelia Island's coastal area, the region towards the ocean coast line is $ 136,250.00. The median household income of Nassau County is $ 54,116.00. In comparison the median household income in the State of New York is 55,752.00


Tourism is the Major Economic Driver

The diverse economy of Nassau County includes agricultural activity in the west and central areas, and a variety of commercial, industrial, public sector and retail activities in the east. Tree farming is a continuing economic force with small tree farms in the western county and large forested land holdings by large paper mills located in the county. Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach are important tourist destinations, attracting hundreds of thousands each year. Tourism is Nassau County’s largest job creator and a leading driver of the economy.


3.9% Unemployment Rate

Nassau County's unemployment rate decreased steadily since the last recession. It reached 3.9% in November 2017. Most residents of Amelia Island are professionals (doctors, executives, managers, engineers, or other highly specialized professions).


Highly Rated

Fernandina Beach (Amelia Island) has 10 schools. They belong to a group of the highest rated schools is Florida. Public schools on the island belong to belong to Nassau County. In addition there are four private schools (Amelia Island Montessori School, Faith Christian Academy, the nonsectarian Ogburn School, and the Roman Catholic St. Michael's Academy).


Very Low

The crime rate in Nassau County is one of the lowest in the State of Florida and very much lower compared to most other states. The total index rate is 1,761.3 according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.



The average year-round temp in the Amelia Island area is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 deg C). Golfers will be happy to know the abundant golf courses around the Amelia Island area are playable pretty much year round, as daytime temp averages during the coldest months are: December: 65 (F) high (18.3 deg C), 48 (F) low (8.9 deg C); January 63 (F) high (17.2 deg C), 44 (F) low (6.7 deg C); and February 65 (F) high (18.3 deg C), 47 (F) low (8.3 deg C). On average, there are 221 sunny days per year in Nassau County, Florida. The July high is around 92 degrees Fahrenheit (33.4 deg C).


Very low compared to Southern Florida and the Gulf Coast

Compared to southeast Florida and the Gulf Coast, the North East Florida region (Jacksonville Metropolitan Area / First Coast) is less prone to being in the path of a hurricane. The greater Jacksonville area has suffered less damage from hurricanes than most other east coast cities. The strongest effect on Jacksonville was from Hurricane Dora (a category 2 storm) in 1964, the only recorded storm in the past 54 years to directly hit the First Coast with sustained hurricane force winds.

According to hurricane experts and forecasters there is no reason for you to cancel your plans to re-locate to Florida. By analyzing the tracks of tropical storms for the past 100 years, the experts have ranked which areas are most likely to be hit by a major hurricane and the geographical regions in Florida that are less prone to being in the path of a hurricane.

Southeast Florida (Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach), Key West and the Florida Keys, Southwest Florida (Fort Myers-Naples), West Florida (Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota-Clearwater), Central Florida Atlantic coast (Melbourne-Cocoa Beach) and the Florida Panhandle (Pensacola-Panama City) are all areas with a much higher risk. The North East Florida region (First Coast) is a low risk area and this coastal region has a tremendous appeal.

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