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Team Founder & CEO


Life is a mixture of hardship and opportunity. We have experienced this numerous times. After growing up in Germany, I moved my family to Scandinavia and my job required constant travels all around the world. Being specialized in International Business Development resulted in several transfers and we moved from country to country, always starting from scratch, finding new friends, enrolling the kids in new schools and exchanging our existing life for a new one in another country.


After several European and UK assignments we moved to Argentina, followed by Brazil. Living in a foreign country excites the imagination, ignites the adventurous spirit, and inspires you to explore. Living abroad might be a dream life for many people. The truth however, living that dream life doesn't always mean living happily. We reached a point where the hardships of starting over and over again wasn’t bearable anymore.

That’s when we decided to explore and to follow the American dream and immigrated to the United States 22 years ago. However,... the American dream is not as easy to achieve. It was much more difficult than we expected. Our financial resources quickly depleted and just working in corporate America wasn’t what we wanted to do the rest of our life’s. At that time Phillip completed his education and followed my footsteps, working for a large corporation. We realized that the American dream would require us to work harder, to take more risks, and that you must be willing to put forth the additional effort in order to succeed. That’s what we did. Putting everything on the line and accepting a huge risk led us to establish our own company in the renewable energy industry. A relatively new business sector not yet fully explored and full of challenging obstacles. Within less than 4 years we owned a multimillion $ corporation with revenues exceeding $100 million. We experienced firsthand that the American dream centers on you and what you’re willing to do to succeed. We did it and our successes weren’t overlooked. Great achievements create greed and envy. A larger publicly traded organization, actually one of our major suppliers and minority shareholders, pursued a hostile takeover and as a result we decided to sell our majority shares in the company.

Being somewhat financially comfortable but not having enough money that would last forever, we analyzed new opportunities and identified the real estate market as a business with endless potential. Like the energy industry, the real estate sector hasn’t changed much during the past 50 years. Market disruptors identified the same opportunities and we quickly realized that the real estate industry is ripe for major changes. The traditional real estate business model is overdue for new ideas and in urgent need to adapt a much more professional approach.


Having joy in working as a father and son team, as well as possessing substantial marketing, sales and business development expertise, we established The Turwitt Team with the vision and objective to help as many people as possible to change their lives for the better.

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We joined the CP Platinum program and implemented unique and proprietary real estate methodologies in our local market that provide true value and real benefits for clients, home sellers and buyers alike.

We don’t see ourselves as real estate practitioners. We are in the business of adding value and to change lives to help others and to provide services that are unimaginable for traditional players in the real estate market. For us, success is more than what’s in your bank account; it’s a mindset. It’s a mentality and attitude of helping others as well as going the extra mile.


We are guided by the ideals of doing more. Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone. For us the American dream is not about becoming rich and famous. It is about helping others and achieving your hearts desires.

Michael & Phillip Turwitt

Choosing a Realtor is about more than comparing agents’ costs and statistics. There are many different types of real estate agents. Most common is the individual agent, where an agent works like a lone wolf on their own under a brokerage. Occasionally, they will have an unlicensed office assistant who does paperwork for them. Some agents form a partnership, where two individual agents team up and work together. That's the typical traditional scenario. Then you have specialist teams. The important thing is finding a trusted real estate team that’s committed to you. That’s where we come in.

Our model here at The Turwitt Team is a bit different. We are a boutique team where every person on our team is a trained specialist with a specific role, each person doing their part to serve our clients.  On our team, Michael and Phillip are the co-lead agents and team leaders. They work with every client of The Turwitt Team, whether they are buyers or sellers from the beginning of the process, through closing and for many years to come. But, in order to provide the best service, they have hired specialists to enhance all aspects of the process for our clients.

With a traditional Realtor, you have one agent working alone. When you work with us, you get a full team of trained specialists, working for you seven days a week at the same cost. From a dedicated listing manager, to a contract specialists and a customer service liaison, we have thought of every way we can help the sometimes painful process of buying or selling a home a better experience.

Our full-time dedicated specialists work to ensure that every client has the best experience during the process. This means coordinating all of the details from when we start working with a client until they are under contract. We are always available to answer any questions, provide solutions and be there when needed.

Michael & Phillip Turwitt, founders, and co-owners of The Turwitt Team are pleased to provide you with top-notch real estate services. Our team serves customers from all walks of life. Michael & Phillip provide their clients with superior quality service and expert sales and marketing techniques. That’s why our business achieved one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. As highly dedicated real estate experts Michael & Phillip Turwitt and their team are continuously mentored by the most renowned real estate coach in North America.


Phillip & Michael Turwitt - Team Leader's

For us it is important what we can do for you together. We learned a long time ago that one real estate agent is not enough to give the best results or the best service. With so many perspectives and skills on our team, you’re always getting top of the line service. We each bring something unique to the table to create a true powerhouse team that covers all bases. We’re only getting better; we always make sure we’re on the cutting edge of marketing and real estate technology to give you the best experience possible whether you’re buying or selling a home.

To us, real estate is about so much more than just a house. It’s about truly loving where you live in a home and community that reflects your lifestyle. That’s one reason we love living and working in a community that inspires us all on a daily basis. Our knowledge of the local communities goes beyond just knowing what houses are up for grabs. We know the neighborhood histories, what homes in the area might be available and are not listed on the MLS or Zillow. This knowledge gives you a great advantage and an even greater understanding of what you’ll get when you’re buying or selling a home. When you choose a reputable, skilled real estate team that also has the heart for you and your community, it takes away the stress and allows for the best parts of the experience to shine through.

Think about all of the people involved in making your favorite resort or hotel the experience it is: bellmen, check-in clerks, maids, designers, architects, builders, investors and so forth. Every person, whether you see them or not, plays a specific role in creating a holistic and enjoyable experience for you. The same applies to doctors, hospitals, law offices and a wide variety of other professions.

The real estate industry is largely comprised of individual agents who manage every part of a real estate transaction. That’s like asking the valet guy to cook and deliver your breakfast, make your bed, design the lobby, and build the pool! Or to ask a brain surgeon to take care about your anesthesia, lab work and nursing.

To optimize this old real estate approach for our clients, we have adopted a team model in which each member of our team has a specific role and brings a unique skill set and expertise to their position. So take a breath, relax, and know that our team is here to give you a world-class experience! Michael & Phillip have assembled a passionate team to support our clients in every facet of buying or selling their homes. We are proud to be the catalyst of change within the real estate industry and within the lives of hundreds of clients throughout the years!


We always stay focused on making your experience the best it can be, providing a specialized approach to every client,

whether you’re looking to upsize or downsize or anything in between across all budgets, life stages and needs.


We appeared on TV many times in the US, in Europe, and in South America. Michael has been featured in quite a few print media publications. He received various awards for his outstanding work and performance.

Michael writes regularly and published various papers, journal articles and he is the author of three real estate books providing detailed advice and strategies that he learned from years of experience gathering detailed re-marketing and high-value asset sales and procurement expertise. Over the years Michael has contributed to relevant magazines and publications in several countries.





We do more than promising that you’ll be satisfied. We guarantee it. We are providing a Performance Guarantee in writing,... something 99% of real estate agents will not do.


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